1.     BCRMTA (Vancouver Branch) Student Performers’ Guild Festival is open to students of members of the BCRMTA and students of members of the BCRMTA – Student Teachers Auxiliary from ALL BRANCHES.


2.     Students of non-member teachers may enter the festival provided both teacher and student are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.  There is a charge of $45 for non-member teachers.





3.     REGISTRATION DEADLINE:      March 5, 2017, Sunday (midnight)


4.     All completed festival entries must be mailed or hand delivered and deposited in the mail slot to:


           Toni Meyer               

                            3896 Cambridge Street

                            Burnaby, B.C.

                            V5C 1G3


5.     Completed Festival entries include:


  • completed Student Entry Form (one form per student)
  • completed Master Accounting Sheet for each teacher
  • One cheque for the full payment of all entries accompanying the submitted form.
    Please make cheque payable to STUDENT PERFORMERS’ GUILD.
  • Please include the teacher’s email address as the teachers will be the ones contacted by email for any changes or news.


6.     Entries must be on current 2017 Entry Form and all sections must be completed.  Extra forms may be photocopied or can be downloaded from the Student Performers’ Guild Festival website:


7.     All forms are to be completed by the teacher only.  It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that all forms are filled out correctly and legibly.


8.     FULL PAYMENT must accompany the entries.  Bank charges for NSF cheques will be billed to the entrant.


9.     Entries not conforming to the above rules will be rejected by the SPG Festival Committee. Teachers will be notified and if they wish, the SPG Festival Committee will correct the entries for a fee of $40.00.  If any outstanding charges are not forthcoming within one week after the deadline (March 12, 2017, midnight) to the treasurer, the entry will be withdrawn automatically. Please note that NO CHANGES will be allowed after this final deadline. 


10.  With the exception of illness or injury, there will be no refunds allowed once the festival has begun.  A written request for a refund, accompanied by a doctor’s note explaining the illness or injury must be sent to the treasurer.


11.  Students must perform as scheduled in the program.  Changing class selections is not permitted under any circumstances after the registration deadline.  Students with special requests such as religious or travel restrictions, must state this in advance on the entry form at time of registration.  Teachers are reminded to ensure the entry form is accurately completed for class, title, composer, and performance time.


12.  Students requesting for a reschedule of their class due to illness or time conflicts will be rescheduled if time permits.  An oral and written adjudication will be given but the mark will not be considered for any trophy award or scholarship.





13.  All classes are either Preliminary, Junior (Grades 1-4), Intermediate (Grades 5-8), Senior (Grades 9-12), or Adult­.  Please refer to the “Piano Performance Class List” for the details of each class.


14.  Students may enter only one grade level in all classes.   Students are allowed up to three entries in any solo class and may enter in as many classes as they wish.  They may perform with more than one group in the Ensemble class.


15.  Pieces may be chosen from any recognized Canadian examination syllabus.  However the Guild Committee will use the 2015 Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus as a guideline to grading, and where a piece is graded at a different level by another syllabus, the September 2015 RCM grading will take precedence.


EXCEPTION: If the most recent RCM Syllabus/other syllabus require 2 or more selections to be performed as a group, students must perform all the required parts provided it is within the time limit. Any student who performs a selection with more than one part must state this on the entry form with the total performance time given.        


16.  Competitive classes will be held at levels 11 and 12.  Level 11 is for students who have passed their Grade 10 Practical Examination and are working towards their ARCT Examination.  Level 12 is for students who have passed their ARCT Examination and wish to participate in a post ARCT level.


17.  Students who have passed the Practical Examination of the Royal Conservatory of Music (or equivalent) by the summer (August exam session) must proceed to the next grade or higher.   EXCEPTION: members of an ensemble group may be one grade above or below the stated level.


18.  FIRST PLACE winners from the previous Guild Festival are NOT ELIGIBLE to compete again in a class in which they have obtained first place standing.  EXCEPTION: Open classes.


19.  Competitors over the age of 24 may enter the festival in the ADULT Category.  No trophy or scholarship is awarded in this class.  Oral and written adjudication will be given.


20.  The Guild Committee reserves the right to reclassify and regrade any non-conforming entry without notification.  Copy of any ungraded selection is required with the application.


21.  The correct length of performance must be stated on the entry form. 






22.  Teachers must ensure that his/her student(s) know where and when their classes are to be held.  Students who miss their class will not be rescheduled. 


23.  An original copy of music must be provided for the adjudicator.  PHOTOCOPIES ARE NOT ALLOWED.  Students who forget their music will be given written adjudication only and no mark or place will be given.  EXCEPTION: Out of print music with certification from a recognized music supplier.


24.  Student’s name and number should be written on the music.  All unnecessary markings should be erased.  Music must be marked with bar numbers.  


25.  Students are expected to perform from memory.  Students who need their music to continue their performance are given a mark and a deduction of up to 3% is taken off the mark at the discretion of the adjudicator. 


26.  TIME LIMITS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.  The competitor will be stopped by the Adjudicator’s Assistant if the performance is beyond the allotted time limit.  NO scholarship or award will be given for any incomplete performance.


27.  The Adjudicator, at his/her discretion, may stop a performance at any time.


28.  All music, marking sheets and certificates must be collected at the end of the class.  The SPG assumes NO responsibility for music left by competitors.


29.  Suitable dress and stage deportment is expected and required.


30.  Competitors, teachers and parents are not permitted to approach or speak to the adjudicator for any reason whatsoever.  Failure to comply with these regulations will result in immediate disqualification.  Any necessary communication may be addressed to the Adjudicator’s Assistant.


31.  Videotaping or recording of any of the festival classes is prohibited and may lead to disqualification.






32.  Marks and ranks of FIRST, SECOND and THIRD will be given for marks 80% and over.  Written and oral adjudication will be given after each class.  The first place winner in all classes will be announced by the adjudicator.


33.  A mark of 88% or above is required to be considered for a trophy award.  However, the trophy is awarded only to the student with the highest mark in each division.


34.  To qualify for the Beverley Kagnoff Scholarship Award(formerly the Student Performers’ Guild Festival Scholarship) the student must:

       be studying with a member of BCRMTA in good standing or a non-member for a minimum of one year

       enter three competitive solo classes (not including Concerto and Ensemble)

       entry in the Concert Group class constitutes one solo entry

       Senior Division Only: one of the solo classes must be either a Baroque or Classical work.

       A student cannot be eligible for Junior, Intermediate, Senior or Adult scholarship for two consecutive years.

       All decisions of the adjudicators are final.





35.  To qualify for the Mary Tickner’s Scholarship Award (formerly the BCRMTA Vancouver Branch Scholarship Award), the student must:


·      be studying with a member of BCRMTA, or a non-member for a minimum of one year

·      be willing and able to perform at the Honour Concert

·      A student cannot be eligible for the Mary Tickner’s Scholarship Award for two consecutive years.

·      enter three competitive solo classes (not including Concerto and ensemble)

·      entry in the Concert Group class constitutes one solo entry

·      one of the solo classes must be either a Baroque or Classical work.





36.All festival enquires must be made by the teacher by email.  Students and parents should direct all enquires to their individual teachers who should then make the enquiries to the appropriate festival committee member.


37.  Please EMAIL appropriate Guild Committee member for any specific information you need.  All enquiries will be answered within two business days.





38.  Registration fee:         $  5.00 per student

Non-member fee:              $45.00 per teacher


39.  Class schedule will be available online on Monday, April 10, 2017.





The Honour Recital will be held on June 4, 2017, Sunday at the VSO Pyatt Hall.  Trophy and award recipients must arrive 20 minutes earlier to sign out for trophies and awards.

Admission fee:  $ 5.00 for each non-performing student, parent, friend, family member and teacher.

Please note:  admission is free for all participating teachers.




41.  All complaints and protests MUST be made to the Festival Chair IN WRITING during the Festival, accompanied by a fee of $30.00.  Any complaints or protests made by telephone will not be entertained.  All fees will be returned in full should the protest be sustained.  Decisions made by the Guild Committee will be final.





42.  All trophies will be awarded at the Honour Recital.  Students receiving trophies should sign a Trophy Release Form with the Trophy Coordinator before the Honour Recital.


43.  All trophies received in June must be returned before November to:

Ljiljana Jorgacevic’s residence at 6676 Hersham Avenue, Burnaby


44.  Donations for scholarships are always welcome.  Please contact the Festival chair to give your donation.


45.  The complete list of trophy and scholarship recipients will be available on the website at after the Honour Recital.





46.  The Guild Committee reserves the right to make a final decision on any questions, irregularities, protests, etc. which may arise.  All rules and regulations mentioned from 1-6 will be strictly adhered to.